Assessment in articulate 360


The client requires the assessment of total 25 questions, some of them are resolved and some of them not:

1) Assessment has 25 questions which should appear random.(only questions need to be random, answers for each question can be in fix sequence)

2) User can skip any question by clicking on next button.

3) There should be “Submit Paper” button on each question page, so that user can submit assessment at any point of time which shows result page 

4)   There should be “Reset” button which clears the selected options for that particular question.

5)   Most important- All the 25 questions ( 25 buttons) must be accessible on every question and user can click on that anytime.

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Radha Agarwadekar

I have completed them except 4th and 5th point:

4.  I need help here, as reset button is not working in question bank and user wants to have the selected answers to check when they go back to check them, so Reset to Initial state didn't work here.

5.I tried to jump on particular slides, but in question bank, cannot see ''Jump to slide'' action - the 25 questions slides which are in question bank.

Can anyone please guide me? If this is possible in articulate storyline?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Radha,

Happy to help here! 

For this assessment, is there a Results Slide tracking the score? If so, you could apply a Retry Button on that slide to allow learners to retake the assessment if they didn't pass. You can find more details on how to apply this here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions!