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Jan 22, 2019

We have created a number of e-Learning courses in Storyline 3 which are set up in our LMS where each is a prerequisite to complete before starting the next course.

When using the setting Pass/Incomplete, we were finding that our LMS was not reporting on failed attempts, but required the student to successfully pass the course before progressing.  We did however need to record the failed attempts.  Our LMS provider advised it was returning a result of "incomplete" - which in effect is what we asked it to do.

By then changing the setting to Pass/Fail, we are now getting the failed result, however it will then unlock the next course (despite the previous course not being successfully completed).

Is there any way that we can (in effect) have Pass/Fail/Incomplete - so that the student cannot progress until the course is passed, but at the same time any failed attempt result is returned to the LMS?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

Both those options should be reporting a Completion and a Success Status to your LMS. I'd suggest reviewing this article on how these statuses are handled, and then reach out to your LMS admin again to confirm if you can use the Completion and Success status to allow access to the next course.

Let us know if you need any other help! 

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