exit course is saving status as failed instead of incomplete

Jun 23, 2014

hi everyone, we are having a problem when testing several course on Moodle.

we have set a status complete/incomplete based on a result slide (70 percent on a quiz bank). We also allow users to take the quiz for 3 times whenever they don't pass the pass.score (pass.percent), setting an internal variable to manage scorm internal attempts.

The problem is that on ipad, closing the browser window during the quiz session, results in passing a "failed" status to moodle (instead of incomplete), so that users cannot resume the course from the point they exited, because the failed status result in a failed attempts in moodle, and the user must start a new attempt from the lms.

I read about similar problems some time ago and tried to follow a workaround suggested by a member, to modify lms function file after publishing setting every status to "complete/incomplete" with no positive result. So why the scorm does pass a failed value to lms even when set to pass just complete/incomplete?

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Zio Fonta


we are trying forcing "incomplete" status modifying the SCORMFunctions.js file in LMS published folder, so that also situation where for some reasons a "failed" status would be passed, we force it to be read as "incomplete". This method is mentioned in this thread


i'll let you know if it works.

Zio Fonta

thank you Dan, this is a good cue to test. In fact we have a masteryscore node as follows:


the document you provided, states that this node could be removed for Moodle delivering, we are first going to check if forcing "failed" status to "incomplete" modifying the SCORMFunctions.js will bring to any result, then we will also check what happens testin a scorm where the masteryscore node has been removed.

thank you again for suggestion!

Zio Fonta

removing the mastery score node almost work perfect in moodle, the status is always passed correctly as "Incomplete" when exiting during the final attempts (and not "failed"). As Dan suggested, this is due to a scorm 1.2 specification that allows the LMS to re-evaluate the status depending on the cmi.core.score.raw obtained by the student, compared to the value of masteryscore node in manifest.

The problem we have now is that entering again in the course after exiting on a failed attempt, bring back the user to a dead end (blank screen) where all questions already given are blocked. so we would need to reset the result slide when entering again, or triggering an action on exit button to add the reset of the result slide.

any idea?

Zio Fonta

we have done as follow:

  • one slide before the quiz bank (we call it "the instructions of the quiz") we add a trigger to reset the result slide and manage the internal attempts of the final test.
  • we publish the scorm and we remove the node with the masteryscore from the imsmanifest.xml ( 70 )

in this way, if the user exit from the course before ending the quiz session or ending it with a passing score not adequate, the score is saved and the status is saved as "incomplete" (as set in the main tracking settings). When the user come back to the course, he can take the quiz again by clicking the instructions slide and the answer are resetted correctly.

Just one note about the "always resume" functionality: it does not work as it should (at least on Moodle) since it bring the user at the beginning of the course, so we left the prompt that ask the user what to do.

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