Assessment title acting as next button in articulate storyline 3

Mar 09, 2018

Hi guys,

In Menu bar, module title containing question banks acting as a next button. If you click on the module title that contains question bank reacts next button and open the next slide from the very last slide you viewed. 

Please let me know if there is any solution.

Kind Regards,

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Crystal Horn

Hi Chandra.  I'm sorry you're seeing that behavior!  We're investigating an issue where clicking on custom headers in the Player Menu is not working correctly.  In Flash output, the navigation to that section isn't working, and in HTML5, it is jumping to the next slide from where you leave off.

I'm going to add this discussion to our report so that I can keep you updated on any changes to that behavior.  In the meantime, two workarounds have been identified:

  • If it works for your course, break the question portion into a separate scene, which will be reflected in the Menu.
  • Customer solution:  The solution was to delete the existing header item on the menu. Then use the folder icon at the bottom of the Menu panel to "Insert from project" and add back the scene. Then delete all slides except the first one and also delete the name of the scene as a menu item. Then rename the single remaining slide the custom header name and promote it to the same level as other scene names.

I hope that helps a bit!

Katie Riggio

Great news, Chandra. We just released Update 8 for Storyline 3!

This release includes a fix for the issue Crystal mentions above where clicking a custom section header in the menu didn't jump to the first slide in that section.

You can download the update here and see what this version has to offer here!