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Aug 24, 2020

Hi everybody,

I've been developing a training that has a main "hub" slide with 6 topics. Clicking on a particular picture selects that topic. Once that topic is complete, it returns you to the hub slide. I'm trying to resolve the following:

I need the next slide arrow to be hidden on the hub slide, and appear only when all topics have been selected. So far, my efforts have not worked. I have successfully hidden the next button (hide next button on timeline start), but after clicking on each picture it does not change the state of the the hidden next button to normal despite a trigger stating to do just that (change state of next button to normal when all of the pictures are visited).

Can anybody point me in the right direction, or tell me what I may be doing incorrectly? If anybody has created a similar training I'd be curious to see how you accomplished this. A couple more data points:

1. Each topic is a new scene

2. Clicking on the picture jumps to the start slide for that scene

Thanks everybody!

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Walt Hamilton

Initiating a trigger "when state of ... is XXX" generally works for three or four objects. More than that, and it gets iffy.

Jumping to another scene and returning risks states like
Visited being reset.

Garth gives a better design for knowing when all options have been visited here:  Be sure you read my comments on it.

In your case, I would suggest a trigger to "Change state of Next to Hidden when timeline starts on this slide if Variable 1 = false, OR Variable2 = false OR Variable3 - false, etc.

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