attaching animation to variables and triggers

Mar 09, 2014

Hi I am trying to create a similar feel to a course that is like Catchphrase (

The idea i have is to have a board. (attached) when the learner selects a square it is taken to a question, after the learner submits their answer it takes them back to the board. If the answer is right the square animates out and another square can be chosen, if it is wrong the square remains where it can be or another one selected. The reason why I want this to happen is below the squares is an image which I want to be revealed as questions are answered correctly.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stuart,

Yup, it sounds like you'll need to have a layer for each element just to play the exit animation and then return to the base layer where the object is hidden and the picture "underneath" is shown. If you're able to share your slide here the community can take a look and help you start to set this up on an object or offer other advice once we see your set up. 

Stuart Ryan

I don't suppose if anyone was able to accomplish the milestones?

The only thing I am missing is after clicking on the numbered boxed to take you to a challenge, on obtaining a correct answer and returning to the board I would like the box to animate out. I can't seem to achieve this at the moment.


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