Attaching dowloadable resources

Jul 24, 2014

I tried attaching a resource to the player for a file that is not recognized by windows. I do have the appropriate program to open/use the file, but I get the following error.

Ideally, I would just have the learner download the resource and find the appropriate program. Is this possible, or do I need a MIME Map? If I need a MIME Map, can you point me to a resource that shows what this is and how to do it for Storyline?

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Christine Hendrickson

HI Brooks,

What type of file is it that you're wanting to share? If it's one that might try to launch on it's own, could you zip the file. This would at least allow learners to download the file and save it to their hard drives.

Once the zipped file is saved, they can decompress it and manually launch the file with the program that's required.

Please let me know if you have any trouble or questions!


Brooks Henderson


I zipped some files like this and included them in one of my courses and published. Success, mostly. However, in Chrome (version 36.0.1985.125 m), it downloads the zip file and closes my course player window at the same time. Then, the user has to log back in to resume the course. In Internet Explorer 11.0.010 it opens a new window and asks if you'd like to save or run the files and the player window remains. I wonder if this is something you guys can check to be compatible with the various browsers.

Thanks for the help.


Christine Hendrickson

HI Brooks,

That's a little odd. I tested this earlier on my end and I tend to default to Google Chrome - I didn't see anything similar to what you described (with the course closing).

Perhaps you could link to the .zip file on a server and have the learner download through that option instead?

If not, you're welcome to share a link or the project here, I'd be happy to take a look and see if the same thing happens on my end in Chrome.



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