"Read Only" Resources?

Jul 16, 2014

When attaching a resource to the resource player tab, is there a way to make the file "Read Only?"

I would like to have certain PDFs be available for reading purposes in the learner's browser, but don't necessarily want the learners to be able to download a soft copy of the resource. Is this possible?

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Anuj Joshi

I have long and a tiring process that may help you here. I did this as I had only 4 pages in my pdf file. 

You may want to take the screen shots of your pdf or if you have Acrobat DC, save .pdf to .JPG.

Then, insert scroll bar on your storyline and add each picture one at a time. You will have to bear the pain to align it in a flow. However, once done you will be able to see it works. 

Yes, cannot help with taking screen shots. 

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