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Jan 04, 2017

We commonly attach PDFs to our modules via the resources in the player, however, whenever someone else publishes the file, all of the files previously connected all break or lately, we've even seen the links break without someone else publishing the file. All I can assume is that the original developer moved the files around in his Dropbox account, which broke all of the links to those files (is that even possible)?

Is there a better way to do this to prevent constant 404 errors for learners? Is there a plan to have the SL published output attach a copy into the final folder so that this stops happening? I understand that it would bloat the final output file so some sort of compromise would be awesome.

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Phil Mayor

There was a bug in earlier version of Storyline 2 that caused this, I believe this was fixed in later version and the attachment is now saved as part of the storyline file and should not be missing when publishing.

That said because of all of the issues in the past I ensure the file is stored in  readily accessible file before attaching.

Luke Benfield

Hi Kimberly,

Yes, the original file path has probably changed and that would be what is causing the issue. 

You can actually find the files in the published output folder. If you open the output folder and go to the story_content folder, there is an external_files folder that will include any attached files that were added in the Resources tab.

In practice, I typically make copies of files for every project and keep them in that project's folder on our network so that anyone who updates a course after me will have those files as well.

Hope that helps.


Kimberly Valliere

Thanks, Phil, many of these courses were probably published before the update to SL, which is why this is still happening.

Luke--thanks for the tip for where to find the files! We do have these files on our network, but I haven't been the developer publishing the final output for the LMS. We have a contract developer that doesn't have access to our network that does the final publish.

It sounds like we may need to republish our older courses to eliminate the issue. 

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