AU file error - have to manually edit

Hi. I was sure I had seen this discussion before, but I have searched all over the site and can't find this issue. When I publish a storyline file, the .au file has an error. Instead of "" it is entering the name of the file. I have to go into the .au file and manually fix this. Is there something in my storyline file or publish instructions that is causing this? The file ws created by someone else on my team and passed on to me ... could that be causing the issue? Thank you!

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Jami Moss

Just in case another finds this thread and needs to find this in the published file. It is found in the file in the root folder.

We are moving over 200 courses from one host to another and editing this link is what makes them work in their new environment. Much less time consuming to edit the text string than to resurrect and republish :) I opened with Notepad and edited successfully.