Audience with no internet

Feb 19, 2013

I have an international audience with a computer lab but no internet connectivity (Ethiopia).  I want to send the modules produced in Storyline on a CD-ROM. I would like to make a login screen and have the user enter their name, create a password and when they exit have the data save to a file (txt?) to the user's PC. So, if they don't finish the program in one sitting they can pick-up where they left off (restore checkmarks next to sections, etc). I think creating the login screen is easy's writing the data to a PC that may prove to be difficult(?) Any thoughts? Anyone doing this already?

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Doug Mattson

Thanks Nathalie!

I also need it to store the user's name and the password they created at the login screen. Then, when they log back into the course - have the name and sections completed pulled back in. That way, the course knows which user completed which sections and can also populate a completion certificate at the end.

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