Audio and Slide Advance related


I have a course developed in storyline. It has audio in it. I have imported audio in all the slides. During my preview i noticed this - I am on a particular slide, say Slide 3. I listen to its audio and then move on to the next slide. The audio for this slide, say Slide 4, plays. I go back to slide 3, without completly listening to slide 4. I again come back to slide 4. Here, I noticed that the audio continues from where it stopped. How do i make the audio play from start, each time I go into a slide?

Another query - In a slide I have few interactivities - like a marker and button trigger. The audio for this slide is just for 3secs. Even before I can run the interactivities on this slide, the slide continues to the next slide, the moment the audio is read. How do I make all my slides to move to the next slide only after the user clicks the next button.



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