Audio and Software Simulations

Loving my trial version of Storyline, but running into a challenge with importing audio for a software simulation project. We typically record one narration file and then import and sync up the audio with the recorded sim. In Storyline, it appears there really isn't a good way to do this -- using cuing feature doesn't seem to work well.

Is anyone else doing this? or do you typically create a separate audio file for each sim step and then import by slide?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sharon! If you have just a single audio file, what you could do is import it onto your first slide, then copy/paste to your remaining step slides. Then for each slide, you could cut out all but the part you need. In the timeline below your slide, if you double-click on an audio track, it brings up the audio editor, where you can remove the part(s) of the audio that don't apply to that slide. Maybe that would be a good way to go in your situation?

Bruce Graham

Hi Sharon - and welcome.

I typically do the "one-by-one" scenario. J's suggestion is a good one, however, in my mind, recording externally and then having to rely on the limited capabilities of the SL audio editor somehow defeats the whole point.

Either way willl work, I guess it's what suits you best.