Audio Bug - Volume changes not happening

Hi Team Articulate:

There is constant issue whereby normalized volume (increase or decrease gain) visually shows in the little audio edit window, AND on the Timeline, but the actual heard volume does not change.

Cache has been emptied, etc.

This has been an issue for some time. I recognize that this is not Audition, or ProTools built-in, but it would be great if this really was WYSIWYG and when one "saves" a volume by -20db or more, it actually happens.

Many thanks - 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Edward.  Thanks for pointing out what you're experiencing.  What version of Storyline are you using?  

I did a quick test with recorded audio in Storyline 360.  I recorded a blurb, and then I used the audio editor to increase and decrease the volume (using the -100% to +100% slider).  When I previewed the project, the volume level seemed to respond to those changes.

It sounds like this happens on multiple projects for you - can you share a screencast of what you're seeing on your end?  It'll help me understand the issue a little better and give me some steps to reproduce.  If you're using Articulate 360, you can make a Peek and post it here.