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Jul 17, 2014

I am new to Storyline and also admittedly using what would be considered sub-par hardware but my question is this: I notice a decent amount of white noise or hum when opening any slide or layer that contains video or audio. Is there any sort of filter for this directly in the software? Can anyone suggest a good microphone that may help filter to a completely silent background?


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Greg Faust

As in, there's white noise when you play the audio on a slide?

If so, my first suggestion is software-based. Do your audio recording in Audacity. It's free (open source), and it's really good at what it does (record and edit audio). Its noise removal tool works great.

A better mic also helps a lot. Or, rather, the first $100-$150 you spend on a microphone helps a lot. Beyond that, you face rapidly diminishing returns on the sound improvement per dollar spent.

Recording location makes a huge difference. As with a mic, you can dramatically improve results without spending a lot of money. You can look up specific tips on the web, I'm sure. Personally, I get good results setting up my laptop and mic in a closet full of clothes (cloth absorbs sound). I drape a few sleeping bags across flat, solid surfaces to further reduce echo.

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