Audio content disappears when added to SL360 slide

Apr 30, 2020

I am attempting to add the audio track to my slides in SL360.  When I upload the audio file, which was recorded using Audacity, the actual audio disappears and all I get is a flat line of silence.  I have tried both Mp3 and Wav formats and made sure that the exported files were correctly formatted (16 bit 44 khz pcm WAV / 44100 Hz Stereo 16 bit integer 180kbps MP3).  The files work fine when opened from my desktop, but something is silencing/corrupting them when they go into Storyline.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have never had this type of problem in the past with SL360 and recording my own audio and I would prefer not to have to re-record these files.   I have attached a couple of samples of the audio which work until inserted into my SL360 slides, one WAV and one MP3.

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Brian Allen

Pretty bizarre... if you've not opened a case with support you might consider it.

I'm able to *kind of* replicate the issue on my end. When I play either file the volume levels sound great, but after importing into SL360 the files appear to "flatline".

However, there IS audio there, it's just very very faint, no where near the volume levels pre-import.

Even more weird is the mp3 file actually plays back fine for me from the media library, but not after adding to a slide (very faint volume levels again).

The .wav file volume decreases dramatically for me both in the media library and after adding to a slide.

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