Choppiness of audio in output of SL360 files

Hello. We are having a random issue where our Scorm 2004 4th edition files audio are randomly choppy. They go in and out....its not always the same audio file. They are fine listening to them not in SL360. We use Wavepad to produce these files. These files are 16 bit 44khz wav files that are inserted into the SL projects which is what is recommended by Scorm Cloud. We have checked with Scorm Cloud to see if this is an issue on their end. They are asking us to follow up with SL on this issue. We noticed that SL360 converts the wav files to mp3 files. Is there a setting we are missing? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lora,

That's correct! When .wav files are imported into Storyline, they are converted to .mp3 files.

Are you able to share your file with us for testing? Our Support team would be happy to take a look at the audio files and figure out why the audio isn't working as expected!