Audio delayed. Animations start slightly before audio starts

Dec 19, 2018

We reported a year ago that the timing of audio had issues in courses published by SL 360, notably in HTML5. 

Since then, the problem has been intermittent and rare. What causes the problem is unknown but when it occurs we have been able to identify that the audio track begins to play LATE  1/2 to 1 second AFTER the animations start.

A 1/2 second delay is barely noticeable unless a slide has a "pause" between two spoken sentences where the silence is about 1/2 second.  In this case, the last word or part of the last word is CUT OFF.

Slides that don't pause between sentences will play to slide end where trailing silence may be cut off without notice.

There are probably many courses encountering this issue but it only shows up as bad timing.  

Today a customer demonstrated this problem is easy to repeat in IE 11/Flash playback. We see no issue in Chrome or IE 11/Flash on our workstations.

Has anyone in the community seen this issue?


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Karen  Kasper

I am having this issue now. It's only happening on the first slide of the course, where there is no animation.  It plays fine from the Timeline, but in Preview mode or in the Storyline Review web page the audio is delayed by 5-6 seconds. I've tried recreating and then deleting the slide to no effect.

I've seen other posts that indicate this problem has been going on for at least four years. Is there a fix yet?