Audio Distortion

I used storyline before with no issues.  But I am on my personal computer and just purchased storyline 3.  When I record audio from the computer mic or an attached mic to the slide it is muffled, about two octaves lower, and a little slower.

The distortion exists when playing from the audio editor and in preview mode.

When I upload a mp4 that I made everything works fine.  I have also used the computer setup on Zoom, camera, and voice recorders in other programs with no distortion.


Can you help me determine why the direct recording is not working?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Dave,

Thank you for letting us know!

That does sound strange that the recorded audio is distorting. A couple of questions for you as we tackle this: 

  • What happens when you publish the course? Is the audio still distorting?
  • Since the audio issue isn't happening in other applications, could I have you run a repair of Storyline 3 to see if that helps? This guide will walk you through this process: 

Please keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions! 

Whitney Zanotelli

My issue sounds almost identical to Dave's, except that I'm using Storyline 360. I just made sure to install the latest updates but I'm still hearing significant distortion when I insert audio >record mic.  I've published to Review and the distortion is still there.  Like Dave, I have tried recording using the same microphone with other applications (Snagit, Rise, Zoom, etc.) without any problems. 

Can you help?