Storyline not recording microphone

Jan 26, 2023

Anyone else have this issue.

I am trying to narrate a screen recording but for some reason the audio isn't recording.

The mic is in the list and selected, but it is not bringing in any audio.  No levels are even showing on the mic when i set up the recording.

It works fine if i just do an insert audio from mic, just not with the screen recording for some reason.

Any suggestions?

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Ari, 

Sorry to hear you're running into this issue. Thanks for letting us know additional details about when the audio seems to be cutting out. 

I have a couple of workarounds for you to attempt on your end:

- I'd recommend updating your software to the latest version. You'll find our step-by-step instructions here.

Please let us know if that works. If not, I'd suggest working with our Support Engineers directly within a support case so we can investigate further. 

I hope this helps!