Audio doesn't stop when navigating away from the course


I am using Artculate 360 and publishing it as a scorm to Moodle.

I am playing an audio file with animations on the timeline. When the user switches the tabs, the timeline pauses while the audio keeps playing. So when the user goes back to the course, the animation would continue but not in synchronize when the audio.


I checked this forum that says this issue was fixed

And this forum that says the opposite case to mine (the audio pauses automatically)


So I am a bit confused about what is wrong at my side?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mariam!

If you're still seeing this error where the audio continues playing when moving tabs in a browser, then I'd like for our Support Engineers to step in. They will need to dive into the file to understand the behavior.

Would you mind sharing your file with our Support Engineers so we can determine the fix? Please use this link to start a support case.