Audio continues, Seekbar pauses when navigating away from the tab/window

Feb 19, 2020

After the new update to Storyline there has been a change to the functionality of the seekbar and audio. 

Issue: Upon navigating away from the tab/window while on a slide with audio, the audio continues to play in the background but the seekbar pauses. Sample:

Previous to update: When navigating away from the tab/window while on a slide with audio, BOTH the audio and seekbar pauses. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello a-I!

Our team has confirmed and logged this issue as a bug. As you've noticed, the audio continues playing when opening another browser or clicking away from the slide. I've included your comments in the active report so that we can notify you when we have a fix!

We did find a workaround that might be helpful in your course! To avoid this bug, we recommend not adding navigation restrictions to the seek bar.

Ren Gomez

Hi -a l,

Another area you can check to ensure the navigation isn't restricted is in the Player properties.

On the Home tab, select the Player button. Then, in the Menu features underneath the slide titles should be a gear icon  ⚙️that should lead you to the Menu Options. 

Be sure to set the Menu to Free. This should help work around the issue.

Katie Riggio

Greetings, -a l!

We dropped the newest version for Storyline 360: Update 38

This version includes a fix for an issue where the seekbar would pause when opening a new browser tab while media played in the background.

Take a look at all the enhancements and give your software an update. We're excited to hear what you think! 😊

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