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Apologies if this isn't the right place. I feel like there is a suggestions forum somewhere, but I can never remember where it is.

The Audio Editor within Storyline could really use some work. It's can be glitchy and difficult to use. Any time that I change the view, it jumps and I can never tell the section that i'm working on.

Either when highlighting an area and clicking the Zoom Selection button, or simply using the mouse wheel to zoom in, whenever I hit replay the entire screen jumps and loses focus on the area you're looking at.

This makes it extremely difficult to edit audio, especially when trying to edit audio, make splices, or remove a slight hiccup in the recorder's speech.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, David.  You're in the right place - we're here to listen to what's going on.

What you're describing sounds like more than a feature request, though.  It sounds like you're having some glitchy experiences with the audio editor.  Could you make a quick Peek screencast of the jumping behavior, and share the link here?  I want to make sure I understand what you're seeing so I can get you some next steps.