Audio Fade in and out

Jan 19, 2016

Is there a way to have audio fade in and out in Storyline? I find that the audio transition from slide to slide sounds kind of choppy without a fade.




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David Barnes

Hey all. I know the feature is not built in, but you can fade the audio out manually by using the audio editor.  Select the time in the audio where you would like to start fading it out then highlight to the end and then reduce the volume by 10-15%.  After that, select a second after the original time you chose and do it again.  Keep doing this until you reach the end or you reach the desire level of audio you were looking for.  It does take a little time, but it is very possible to achieve your goal using the audio editor.

Brian Liddell

Actually, you shouldn't even have to go to the trouble of creating a trigger.  A simple right-click on the end of the audio and it should display fade out or fade in.  That is how it works on most other applications I use.  Everyone is right - now I have to load this audio into Camtasia to fade it and then put it back into Storyline.  

Training & Development

I was able to fade out the audio in the editor using David's aforementioned manual technique. I had a similar issue as Julie, but it helped me to expand the audio by zooming in to about 500%, that way the section(s) I was editing was much more granular. That being said, would love a fade in/out feature in the audio editor, or the capability to manually manipulate the audio volume/video opacity linearly, like in Premier Pro. 

Adam Parmenter

You could add an API or some other interface that would allow the user to open the audio file in an audio editor.  So, a setting would allow user to associate audio files with one of a selection of editors (ProTools, Audacity,etc.).  Then, within Storline 360, the user right clicks / "Edit in Audio Editor" to open in the associated audio editor.  Then when they save and close the editor it updates the file in Storline 360.