Audio Fade in and out

Jan 19, 2016

Is there a way to have audio fade in and out in Storyline? I find that the audio transition from slide to slide sounds kind of choppy without a fade.




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Don Finch

Adding my vote to at least including fade selection in the Audio Editor.  When I see threads like this that are several years old with the "We will add this as a feature request" and then years later we see "it is not yet on the roadmap" it gives me pause to just how seriously Articulate is taking these discussions.

Erin Mahabir

Seriously - this is WAY past due, folks. It's such a simple thing to add in a fade in/out option in the audio editor. 

Doing incremental increase/decrease of volume in the editor "works" but the result sound choppy and not very professional (not to mention time-consuming!). 

Please Please PLEASE make this a thing! 

John Morley

As much as I agree that this would be a nice feature, professionals use a range of tools, and it is unrealistic to expect one tool to do everything. That Storyline edits audio and video at all is to its credit.

Just as we accept that graphics are created in a graphics program and documents are best created in a word processing program, there are tools for creating and editing audio and video. Storyline brings the elements together. Creating those elements is best done with the tools specifically designed for doing so.