Audio faint running Storyline with Parallels Desktop

Mar 18, 2014

I'm running AS on my MacBook Pro using Parallels Desktop and Windows 8.1. All my software is up to date. That being said, I've tried to use the internal mic to do simple audio recordings (not for my commercial clients) and it records the audio at such a low level it is difficult to hear. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've explored Parallels Support to no avail. I'm going to go and purchase a USB microphone, but I thought I'd see if others were having similar issues. Other than this, AS works flawlessly on my Mac using Parallels.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pat,

Sorry to hear about the odd audio behavior, and I've seen a few different threads recently about audio and Parallels, and it seems to be specific to the audio settings within the Windows environment.

You'll also want to check first that you've checked this troubleshooting steps below: 

 1. Disable the shared profile in Parallels, so all the default Windows folders reside in the Windows environment, not the native Mac environment. For more information on this topic, see this Parallels article.

After disabling the shared profile, uninstall and reinstall your Articulate software. (This step is only necessary if shared profiles were previously enabled.)

2. Save and publish Articulate projects in the Windows environment, not the Mac. For example:C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\

Don't work from a network drive or an external USB drive. Doing so can result in file corruption or loss of resources.

Audio, video, and image resources must be located in the Windows environment, not the Mac. Copy and paste files you need for Articulate projects to the Windows environment prior to inserting them into your content.

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