Sep 09, 2015

Hi All I have an issue with audio resting.. I have a slide with multiple hot spots on it also a audio clip... I would like the Audio clip to play then as you use the hotspot a text box appears you then close that box and move on to the next, however every time I hit a hotspot and or close the text box the Audio clip replays??? how do I stop this please 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- 

Thanks for your patience as I tested your file. I want to make sure I am understanding what your are looking for here. Do you want the audio to continue playing as you open and close the text boxes? Or, do you want the audio to stop playing each time you open a text box, and then resume when you close the box?

If you want the first option (for the audio to continue playing), all you would need to adjust are the properties on the Base layer as seen below:

And then your slide would function as it does here in this SCORM Cloud link. Please let me know if that is what you had in mind or if you need further assistance. :)

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