Button Sets and Audio


I'm on SL3. I have a simple question, but often get confused on the answer:

If I have a button set with 5 buttons on one slide and each button shows a text box and plays an audio clip, shouldn't the button set prevent the user from clicking another button to hear duplicate audio at the same time?

Or...should I have put my audio file and text box on separate layers for each button?

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Tracy Parish

A button set simply prevents the user from clicking multiple buttons at once, but does not limit the actions those button clicks might trigger.

Think of a multiple choice question with A, B, C, D. If you have them as a set, the user can only pick A or B or C or D. If you remove the set they can pick A and/or B and/or C and/or D.

None of this changes any triggers that may occur in the back ground. If clicking A sets audio "a" to go, and clicking "B" sets "b" to go....no trigger has been cued to stop "a" from playing.

The button set is just about what is clicked....not the set of actions that clicking it performs.

Does that make sense?

So, yes adding the sounds to layers does make this function (I think) the way you are intending.

There is no button set, but there are triggers on each layer start the music and end the music (I could have set this to pause the music).