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Jan 13, 2016


I have a slide with 2 layers. I inserted audio files in main slide and 2 layers separately. When I revisited main slide from layer slide, the audio file in main slide didn't play automatically. However, If I revisited layer slide from main slide, the audio file in layer slide played automatically. Is it normal? Is there any settings I need to set up for audio files to play automatically when revisit main/layer slide? 



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Yun Li

I tried to change revisiting option and add a trigger to play media when time starts, however, it doesn't work. 

I have attached a file here. The audio in main slide plays when first review this slide. However, when I reviewed other layer slides and come back to main slide, the audio doesn't play. Please see the attachment. Thanks very much for all the help. 



Cédric Froehlich

Here it is!

I think the problem came from the trigger you put on square 1 that was stopping the media... Instead, try to use the "Pause base layer" feature in the layers option (see attached file)...

Remember that when you insert an audio file, it will play automatically until you add a trigger to start it... So in your particular case, you finally don't need a trigger to start the media on base layer.

I also assume that what you wanted to do, is to resume playing of the audio on base layer if user cliks on a square before the end...

Does the attached solution works for you?

Yun Li

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your help.  in my story, the audio file from main slide plays simultaneously as the audio file in the layer slides. This is why I set up a trigger to stop the media play in my main slide. Your attached file is exactly what I want, but I didn't see what you did to make it happen. I didn't see any trigger you set up to pause/resume the media. Can you please clarify it a little bit? 



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