Auto-play possible with Slide layers, states & triggers?

Hi all, I'm new to SL. I just finished a crash course on SL and getting started to do it myself. 

I have 3 Questions:

1. Audio sync between Layers - I have 3 layers inserted in a slide. I want layer 1 to play and hide itself after its audio is over, and then show layer 2 > layer 2 plays & hides after its audio >  Layer 3 shows and plays > screen ends with Layer 3. I'm unable to insert audio for each layer separately nor am i able to sync the audio with each layer. Please suggest how to sync audio for layers in the same slide.

2. States - While using 3 layers as mentioned above, is it possible to change the state/expression/pose of a character automatically when player from layer 1 to layer 2.

3.  Triggers also need a mouse-click to get triggered or is there a way to trigger an action automatically?

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