Audio Problem in Layers

Jan 23, 2014

My screen has 8 layers each with only the audio for that layer. The main and next two layers are have a trigger automatically reveal the next layer when then audio stops. The next 6 layers have hotspot triggers set to reveal the layer when the hot spot is clicked.

The problem is with these 6 layers: the top layer plays its audio and then automatically moves to the next layer and plays the audio for that layer and part of the audio for the next layer. When I select this 3rd layer again it plays only its audio. The 4th layer plays its audio and then automatically continues with the top layer, then the 2nd layer and part of the 3rd layer. The 5th and 6th layer work correctly.

I've verified there are no wayward triggers in the problem layers and also that they have only the audio segment for that layer and the hot spots are correct. I'm mystified! Please Help,

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