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Nov 14, 2012


I need to know some technical info on how audio is handled in SL.

I have a slide that has multiple layers (6-8).  I have one audio file that I reference on the main layer. When the user clicks a specific button, a different section of the audio file plays.

I am dropping cut sections of that audio from the main layer onto the other layers.  When I create the additional layers, I am importing the original audio and using the audio editor to cut out the section I want to play on each layer.

My question is: When I use the storyline audio editor to cut sections of audio file, is it really dumping the sections I ask it to and only placing that smaller section of audio in my layer or is it maintaining the entire original clip (in the background) and playing back the section I Cut audio away from? I am wondering that if I get 6-8 layers or more of files, if they could cause SL to bog down?

I would love to place the file here, but cannot release it due to client restrictions.

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Peter Anderson

That's an interesting question, Johnathan. Typically, the file size of Storyline will not compress until after it's been published. You may want to try running a test to see if your file size changes drastically before and after publishing. Or, if it's something that you'd like us to test, you can send your file here confidentially, and we'd be happy to take a look. 

Nick Elkins

Hi Johnathan,

I'm pretty sure Storyline only keeps the audio that you actually saved when editing. I'm basing this on the fact that when you publish, if you look at the actual published files, the mp3s there are the edited ones. 

I've used both methods - editing within SL, and editing in Audacity and then importing into SL. My file size for these two methods was almost identical.

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