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What I want is for the students to complete the audio file in base layer and then continue to click on slide layers. I created a true/false variable that an incomplete message would show up if the students didn't complete listening the audio file in base layer. However, the trigger only works once. When I revisited this slide, the incomplete message didn't appear if I clicked on slide layer without finishing the audio file in the base layer. 

I attached a story file here. Please let me know if I set up anything in a wrong way. Or, if anyone has a better idea to prevent the students from clicking on slide layer before they finish listening the audio file in base layer. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Yun -- Apologies for the delay in response and thanks so much for your patience! You may want to take a look at the suggestions offered over here in a similar thread that deals with viewing/interacting with the base layer in its entirety before moving on. Please let us know if that is what you had in mind or if you still need more help! :)