Content on layer disappears after 'warning' pop up

I have set up my slide with several layers which are triggered by cue points linked to the audio file. 

I have also set up a 'Disable' slide, which pops up with a message telling students they have to listen to the whole audio before they can click Next. This layer appears if a student clicks on Next when the 'Slide Complete' variable is False.

However, if you click on Next and get the message, then close the message, the audio continues but the content of the slide layer is now missing, until the next slide layer appears. 

I have no idea where to start to fix this! Can anyone suggest any variables?

Sarah (using Storyline 2)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

just offering an alternative

you could trigger the Next button to be disabled when the timeline starts on the base layer, then set another trigger to set the Next button to normal when media (audio) completes.  That way the user knows they can't click on Next and they get to listen to all audio and you won't need the popup layer.

Another alternative may be to set the audio on it's own layer - it might give you more control over what is happening.


Sarah Cook

Thanks for the quick response Wendy.

If I choose the disable button, it will mean changes to a lot of modules - but then again I still have more than half to build so maybe it will be worth it. I haven't come across it before because I haven't done much of this voice over style.

I'll keep playing!