Audio for one time only

I am creating a module to explain one business intelligence tool to my associate. For this purpose, I have  created a home map, from where user can select and move to any of the topics. This particular home screen can be accessed through MENU button. 

I have put a voice over to explain this:

"Welcome, this is the HOME SCREEN.
From here, you can select and go to a particular section, by clicking on the selected tiles. If you want to know more about a particular section, please click on the Play button, placed on the lower right hand corner of the each tiles.
You can access the HOME SCREEN, from MENU.
You can also choose to continue in default order and move to the next section i.e. Business Intelligence and Tools, by clicking the NEXT button. "


I want to play this audio only once: the very first time a user will land on this screen. After that, the user may come to this screen various time to go to other sections. But those times, the audio should not play at all.

How can I achieve this?

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Matthew Bibby

On your home screen slide, change the When revisiting option in the Slide Properties to Resume Saved State. This way, the user will only hear the audio once (although if they click away from the screen before it is finished, it will complete when they return). 

Alternatively, you can use a T/F variable to track if the audio has been played previously. Hope that helps.