Audio in base layer and new layer are not working in iPad

Jan 30, 2013


I am using Storyline Update 1 version. I am facing the following issue in my module when running on an iPad.

Issue Description:

I have two audios; one at the base layer and one at  a new layer. I create a new layer and import a new audio file for the new layer along with a Return button  in the new layer. If I click the Return button in the layer, the pop-up should close and return to the base layer. In PC, if I click the Return button, the audio in the layer stops and the audio in the base layer resumes from where it left off.  

Whereas, in iPad, if I click the Return button, the base layer audio starts from the beginning and not resuming from where it left.

Please let me know a workaround/solution for this.

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Mike Enders

I see.

Actually, the way your file is set up right now, the audio on the base layer isn't supposed to start playing when you return.  You have a trigger to pause it, but not another trigger to play it.  If you simply remove your pause media trigger on the base layer, the file works correctly (because your layer is set to pause the base layer).


Ragunathakrishnan G

Hey Mike, Thanks for your assistance.

When we tested the file that you shared in iPad, it is not working properly as expected. We are able to replicate the same issue that we reported. Also, we are not using the Mobile App on the iPad, we are just publishing the output to HTML 5 and use the Safari browser to view the output.

The iPad version is iOS 6.

Karthik Raghuraman

Hi Mike,

I have reviewed the link on PC and iPad.

PC: It is working fine as expected, the audio on the base page is resuming from where I left off.

iPad3 running iOS 6.1: The audio on the base page is not resuming, it is reloading the audio from the beginning.

Did the audio resumed on the base page on iPad for you?



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