Feedback Layers on Freeform Questions

I have created a freeform question in which the learner will drag five rectangles on the left, containing text, to five target rectangles on the right.

If I click "Submit" before I have dragged all of the rectangles on the left to an open target on the right, I get a "You must complete the question before submitting" feedback dialog (layer?? I am not sure, it is not in my layers window).  Then, when I click the "OK" button on that dialog, Articulate plays all of the audio in the other layers simultaneously.  When I want it to return to the base layer.


Where is this layer coming from?  It is not in my layers window?  How do I control it?  Can I control it?

Where are the triggers for that "OK" button?  How do I control it?  Can I control it?

Why is it playing the audio in all three of my other feedback layers when I click the "OK" button on this layer?  How do I make it stop?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John, 

So glad that Daniel was able to pop in and assist you here. We are aware of this issue and I'm attaching this conversation to the report so that we can update you here when we can.

I see that you shared your file above and I can share this with the team as an example as well.

The only workaround we have identified is to remove the audio in the correct and incorrect feedback layers.