How Do I Stop Audio When Revisting Layer?

Nov 13, 2013

Hi Heroes,

I have several slides with a base layer and multiple layers. Each base layer has narrated audio. Each layer has narrated audio. If I click from base layer (with audio) to a layer BEFORE the base layer audio finishes, and then come back to the base layer, it continues the base layer audio. I do not want that. I tried the "Stop" media trigger when clicking on a layer button, but that does not stop the base layer audio from resuming once I return to the base layer. Same thing with the several layers.


  • Base layer
  • Layer 1
  • Layer 2
  • Layer 3
  • Layer 4

If I navigate between the layers quickly, they resume audio from where they left off. I don't want that. I tried using a True/False variable, but it wound up turning off all the audios on all the layers (my logic error probably). As I mentioned, I tried the "Stop" media and it did not stop the resuming audio upon return to that layer.

Any ideas?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rick,

So, a couple questions.

1. What DO you want to have happen? It sounds like you want the audio not to play at all upon return to the Base Layer, but just checking, in case you want it to begin again instead of resuming.

2. How are Learners moving from layer to layer? This could determine how you get SL to do what you want.

For example:

I quickly created 2 layers with audio on each layer, including the Base Layer

So, I have Base Layer named audio1

Additional layers Named audio 2 and audio 3 (pause timeline on base layer for these)

I set the slide's base layer to "Resume Saved State"

On Layers Audio 2 and Audio 3, I have buttons to "jump back" to the Base Layer

I have 2 triggers on the base layer that Stop the Base Layer sound from playing

  • If the Jump to Base Layer button on Audio 2 Layer = visited
  • If the Jump to Base Layer button on Audio 3 layer = visited

In both cases, this works.

So, let us know how your file is set up, or even better post this slide here if you can.

Rick Blunt

Hi Becky,

On the base layer I have four buttons to "show layer" for each button/layer combination. I also have sound 1.

On each layer, I have the same four buttons to "show layer" plus a "close" button (set to "hide this layer"). On each of the four layers, I have one sound file: sound 2 = layer 2; sound 3 = layer 3, etc...

You are correct, when I come back to the base layer I do not want base layer sound 1 to resume.

After visiting a layer once, and the corresponding sound for that layer playing once (regardless of whether the sound file completed or not), I do not want the layer sound file to resume upon returning to that layer a second time.

I seem to have figured out a way that works, sloppy as it is. I add an off-stage button whose trigger is set to stop play sound # when user clicks outside the added button. 

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