Audio on Layers

Mar 26, 2014

I haven't found the answer to this question yet, but is there any way to prevent a base layer audio (which is partially played) from restarting or resuming once returning from another layer on the slide?  I've tried variou settings, but if the audio isn't allowed to complete on the base layer before choosing one of the layer options, it picks up from where it left off when returning and I don't want that to occur.  I guess maybe removing the option to click on a trigger to go to the layers until after the base audio plays? 

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Kim Bard


No, but I had the settings on each of the layers set to "pause timeline of base layer", so when they returned to pick another option which takes them to another layer the audio of the base resumes. However, I just added triggers to stop the media (audio) for each of the button options as you suggested and it works PERFECTLY!  Thank you so much and for the VERY quick help and resolution.

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