Layer audio plays over slide audio

slide 1.4.

There is the base slide audio.  There are two layers for phrase definitions.  If I click the definition hot spot, the audio for that layer begins but the audio from the base slide is still playing.  How can I delay that layer until the end of the timeline?


Also, slide 1.4

When the participant clicks the 'Abuse' link, it program goes to slide 1.8.  When the user completes the layers on slide 1.8, they click 'continue' to return to slide 1.4 to then go through 'Neglect'.  However, each time the user returns to 1.4 the audio starts playing again.  How do I stop the audio from playing when returning from 1.8 or 1.5?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, J! Happy to help you tackle these. 

  • Layer audio playing over base audio: You mentioned you wanted to prevent the learner from opening the CINOP and VA layers until the base audio is complete. You could achieve this by moving the hotspots on the timeline all the way to 36 seconds, which is where the audio finishes playing.

    The drawback to this solution is if the learner tries clicking on the words before the audio completes, nothing will happen. This could be confusing for the learner.

    A better alternative might be to allow the learner to open the layers whenever they want, but pause the base layer audio so the narration doesn't overlap. To do this, open layer properties and select Pause timeline of base layer. 
  • The audio on slide 1.4 replays when revisiting the slide: Currently you have the slide properties set to Reset to initial state. Instead, use the Resume saved state setting to prevent the audio from playing again.

Give that a try, and let me know how it goes!