Audio Issue

Dec 19, 2023

We are facing an issue with audio. Audio is inserted from the start of the frame. But in the output audio is playing from the middle of the slide. 

This issue is only with the laptops, working fine with PCs. 

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Ron Price

Believe it or not,  I have found that sometimes larger cropped images can impact how the audio plays.  If you were to deselect the visibility of your images and play the slide you can test.  If it plays normally, then you can test by making each image visible one at a time and then see which one causes the failure.  Then when that happens you can remove or replace that corrupt image.

Maria Guillo

Hi! I have a very similar issue -- my video is 4 minutes length, but the sound gets cut off on minute 2:46 and beyond. Due to confidentiality, I cannot share the file.

I already deleted video and re-inserted it into my Storyline file, checked layer timing... Video is working but audio only works from second 0 to minute 2:45.