Audio Issues

I've added audio narration to a course for the first time, and I've been having a couple weird issues. I used a scrap slide to paste my large audio file and cut it up into the different segments to copy and paste into the appropriate slides. I've noticed that sometimes when I copy and paste an audio clip, the pasted version will have popping sounds or general garbling/distortion. I have to either copy and paste again or copy the large file over and edit it down again.

I also just had an issue where an audio clip was fine when I was in editing mode, but when I previewed the slide it was jumping and doing crazy things and then just dropped into silence until the next audio clip came on.

Has anyone else had audio issues, and is there anything I can do to avoid them in the future?

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Nancy Woinoski

I have done some editing of large audio files in Storyline and have not encountered the issues you are having but I usually cut up the audio before importing it into storyline. I 'm thinking that it might be better if you cut up the audio using a free tool like audacity and then import the clips into storyline.

AnDrew Hopkins

Thank you both for your responses! Using Audacity to edit clips first would be my normal inclination as well, but a coworker had told me that he edits it all in Storyline, so I figured I’d give it a shot. He probably hasn’t done anything this extensive though. I’ll stick with Audacity in the future.