Audio Issues and Print Issues

Jun 02, 2017

Hi.  Last week, we started getting trouble reports from our subscribers about sound issues on our lessons.  Courses published were from latest version of Storyline 2.

Sound intermittently won't play.  It might start properly 3 times and then the 4th time won't play.  Back out and restart and it does play.  Troubles from subs on all combos of devices and browsers  - apple and windows.

Since, I have updated to Storyline 3 and republished and the problem persists.  In addition, on printing test results - same lesson - won't print to screen (results page) on PC Windows with Chrome - Did print fine on PC Windows with Firefox - doesn't print on either Chrome or Firefox on Android Tablet.  You click print, input name and it just goes back to screen like you never input it.

We are supposed to start 50 reviewers of our course tomorrow and I am beyond frustrated with trying to figure out what is going on.

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Brian Dennis

Intermittent audio glitches can be caused by networking hiccups making things quite challenging to identify. Regarding the printing, different versions of browsers, and different browsers can make troubleshooting next to impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if your subs are running different versions of Chrome/Firefox/IE, on computers connected to different branches of the network. Lots of variables; amazing things work at all some times when you know the underpinnings. Good luck with the troubleshooting

Donna Massey

Thanks. The printing issues though, I tested myself and I have the most
current version of Chrome on all devices. Able to print on PC with Firefox
- not with Chrome. Can't print with either on a Samsung device - Chrome
didn't work and neither did Firefox on the tablet.

I have worked with Articulate Storyline for about years and have never
experienced the number of issues we have starting last week. We've had the
occasional Apple update that caused things to stop working, but this is
super annoying....

Crystal Horn

Hey there, eLearning Developer.  We are aware of some situations where audio has been cutting out in the published output.

Can you share your .story file with us to have a closer look to see if it matches a known issue we're working on?

If not, I have a few questions:

  • Is the audio placed at the beginning of the timeline?
  • Was this course originally built with Storyline 2?
  • What happens when you scrub the seekbar?
  • Describe the slide that immediately follows the problematic slide with audio.

Thanks, e!  We'll be happy to see what's going on here.

Lori Nesbit

We have already gone through the trouble shooting process with your tech people and provided files. IE and audio sometimes don't work well together especially if a high degree of synchronization between the audio and actions on screen are required (e.g. highlighting text on screen as audio is read). We have switched to using Chrome and have no issues.

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