Browser Screen Flashes Between Slides


we're building a short interactive quiz with Storyline 360. It's very important to us that we have smooth transitions between slides. However, upon testing on different browsers we have experienced white flashes when the next slide is loading. There is no transition effect between slides, all objects are aligned to timeline start (0,00 sec) and there are no animations on individual objects. We are testing on Articulate Review, exported to HTML5 with FLASH fallback.

Is someone else experiencing this and can it be fixed? I found this tread ( about the same subject but no solution so far.

These are our testing results if that helps:

MAC Chrome - no flash

MAC Safari - flash

MAC Firefox - no flash

PC Chrome - no flash

PC Firefox - no flash

PC IE 11 -  flash

PC Edge - flash

iPAD Chrome - flash

iPAD Safari - loading dots with short flash


Thanks in advance if anyone has figured this out.


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Martin Garnett

Hi Marina, 

I had this issue recently (I publish for only HTML5), but I believe it was purely down to bandwidth/loading times.

I believe if you publish it in Flash it won't have this issue... though I know this isn't necessarily a solution.

I'm going to subscribe to this thread to see if anyone has a solution.

Mark Carty

Hey Martin,

thanks for your reply, much appreciated. As you may imagine we are trying to move away from flash so this is not really a solution for us. 

However, all suggestions are welcome and hopefully this will be sorted in one of the next updates. It's really annoying and it takes away a lot from user experience we are trying to have with our courses.

Thanks again Martin.