Audio levels of imported narration files are fluctuating. Please help.

Apr 01, 2021


I put together training courses in Articulate Storyline for my company. This pattern has happened so many times now:

- My supervisor sends me audio with no fluctuating audio levels.
- I cut the audio down in Premiere Pro and export them into individual .wav files (WAV 48 kHz 16-bit).
- I name them something like MayCourse_102
- The .wav files sound perfectly fine on my computer's default audio player.
- Audio is imported into Articulate Storyline. Suddenly the beginning or ends of certain sentences dip down in volume level. It sounds like the narrator is moving their head away from and then back to the mic, even though they assured me that wasn't the case.

The audio doesn't sound like that anywhere else. It has wasted the time of the narrator, and it has wasted my own time in editing audio that just ends up fluctuating in volume level once it's in Articulate. What could be the issue here? Please help. Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ketty!

We're happy to help! I want our Support Engineers to step in since you've already shared these details regarding when the audio fluctuates. I've opened a support case on your behalf for our team to work with you directly. You should've received a confirmation email with an upload link. If you can share your .story file using the upload link, that will help our team begin troubleshooting right away!

J Ochoa

I have a similar issue. I create all our media (animation and audio files) using Adobe software. I bring in those files to Storyline and experience variations in audio levels. I've tried using a combination of .wav, .mp3 and .mp4 files and still get the issue. Recently, I've tried simply using .mp4 for all files. I still get jumps in audio levels when transitioning to new slides. Was a resolution discovered for Ketty's problem? It might help me with mine. Thank you.

Ren Gomez

Hi J,

Thanks for reaching out! To share some more insight on Ketty's case: When we reviewed their file, we could not identify any audio fluctuations.

We also shared this older but still useful video on audio settings.

If you'd like our team to help you troubleshoot your file, feel free to share it with us at, and we can dig deeper into what you're experiencing.

Michael Anderson

Convert your audio from stereo to mono before importing to Storyline to see if that fixes the problem. Edit: I should have been more clear. This problem could be caused by stereo audio being converted to mono when the left and right tracks are perfectly in phase. You can test this by first converting your audio to mono outside of Storyline and then listening to it to see if the problem exists at that point.