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Sep 17, 2014

I have one audio file that covers a number of powerpoint slides. In Storyline, Is there an easy way to import the audio file and set it up so that I can have triggers that go to the next slide when the narration gets to a certain point?

In other words how can I go to the next slide at a certain part of the audio narration file.


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Adam Mac

As far as I know, audio tracks do not span multiple slides.

You have a couple options here:

Option 1

(a) break up the audio file (the freeware audacity would do this nicely for you)

(b) place audio on each slide

(c) set up triggers to jump to next slide when media completes

Option 2

create everything on a single slide, and make use of layers

(a) place audio on base layer

(b) build content on layers

(c) set timings on layers to sync with the audio

(d) set up triggers to show layer "x" when timeline ends on current layer

These are the only 2 ways I can think of to accomplish what you're after. (personally I'd opt for #1)

Sharon Huston

Creighton, you can import your PPT slides into Storyline using the File > Import option. Each PPT slide will import as a separate Storyline slide.

I'm not sure how your audio will import -- it might be on the first slide. If it doesn't import, or if you want to extract it from the PPT so you can edit it outside of Storyline, you'll need to follow the advice in this cool, simple trick.

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