Audio no longer plays in Preview or Published


I updated Storyline on 27/05/2020 and I am on V3.40.22208.0. Since this update no audio plays in either preview or published to Review 360. There is also no audio when published to our LMS Litmos.

When I open the audio editor in each slide/layer and manually press play then the audio file plays. All the audio files were recorded directly in Storyline and they all play in the media library too.

This seems to be directly related to the update and I was after some guidance. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline this morning.


Amanda Watson

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

I only worked with slide 2 - see if the changes to the triggers work for you. File attached.

I also duplicated the 'down' state and created a custom state called 'pause'. SL built in states sometimes have coding attached so that may be an issue - best to remove that possibility.

So I added a trigger to play the audio when timeline starts.  I'm not sure if the user will 'read' that it is a doubleclick to 'pause' the audio - I know I didn't initially.  Perhaps a popup when they hover that will tell them 'click to play' 'doubleclick to pause' if that is what you want the instruction to be.

I also changed the triggers associated to the button sound

There is probably an easier way using a 'toggle' variable to play and pause the audio but you may not want to go that way. See this KB article