Audio not playing in Android Kit Kat version

I have developed a articulate storyline course. But the below functionalities are not working in Android Kitkat.

1. Audio not playing automatically until do a click activity.

2. Drag and drop is not working properly.

3. Right click and popup is not working.

4. The bitmap images are pixelated for some images.



Jayakumar N


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jayakumar -- I see that you have submitted a ticket and are working with our Support Engineer John on this case, #00725220. He indicated the following:

"Thank you for confirming how to replicate the issue. Although I was not able to replicate the issue on my own Android device running Android 5.0.2, I was able to find that it's an issue within Google Issue 518863here: We've reached out to them in regards to a fix and you can also vote for that issue using the "star" feature. Quality Assurance is aware of the issue and we are going to continue investigating potential fixes but I cannot say if or when a fix within Articulate Storyline will be available for this issue."

He continued, "The issue documented on the Google page does concern intermittent audio issues on Android Kitkat. Unfortunately, we do not have any further updates on the issue. Please check the link below where the audio issue is documented:"

Please feel free to reply to John within your case if you should need additional assistance.