Audio not playing unless I delete and reload

Feb 11, 2021

I am working on a new project where I was able to copy an older template and just replace content.  I am having an issue where both  video files and audio files will not play the sound when previewing.  However, if I open the file in Articulate to edit, the sound is there.  The only way I have found to combat this so far is to delete the file and then reload it to the slide.  That seems to be working, but I have to test it more.  What is causing this?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Andrew!

I'm happy to help! If the sound isn't playing in Preview, I'd recommend looking at the Trigger Panel to see if there is a trigger causing the media not to play. If there isn't a trigger in the way, we'll want to look at your file to determine the fix. Would you mind sharing the .story file with us? You can either attach it to this public discussion or upload it to our team privately using a support case.