Audio, object entries/exits, and cue points not syncing and playing as they are positioned on the timeline

Feb 22, 2017

I've been using Storyline 2 successfully for years with no problems. I recently got a new computer with Windows 10. Since then, I've had all sorts of problems with both Studio and Storyline.

My latest problem is that I get my cue points exactly where they should be on the timeline and my objects positioned exactly where they should come and go, but when I preview or publish the course, the pose changes and entries/exits of the objects are all off -- and each time I preview or publish, they are off in different ways. Sometimes too fast. Sometimes too slow.  It seems much worse if I add animation to the entry or exit.It's almost like my computer is not keeping up with the course, but only delaying either the audio or the objects.

I see a post with a similar problem from 3 years ago, but nothing more recent. This is really problematic. Please help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Oh no, sorry to hear that, Kris! Storyline 2 should work well on a Windows 10 machine,  so let's try and get this straightened out.

Is Storyline installed on your local hard drive? If so, running a repair may do the trick. If that doesn't seem to help, let me know and we'll get you into a case with our Support Engineers right away. They're rockstars, and you'll be in good hands!

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